recent observations


    1. I love the color red, but sometimes feel like a tool for having one of everything I own be red.

    2. My day is not complete without at least one cup of tea. Or 9. Even in August.

    3. I'm afraid of getting old, and that my body and mind will fail me. It's already starting.

    4. My inability to be understood because of the way I talk is my single biggest frustration. I hate having to repeat myself, but my tongue and lips just don't do what my brain is telling them all the time.

    5. I LOVE fixing things. Chairs, finances, complicated design quandries, whatever ya got.

    6. Cooking is not only relaxing, but fulfilling to me.

    7. I marvel everyday at how I ended up where I am, doing what I'm doing.

    8. Should I have a choice, I think my last meal would be a properly cooked (med-rare), western steak with raw horseradish on the side, with a GIANT Idaho baked potato with all the fixin's, and a crispy fresh salad with homemade creamy dressing. And the OG's chocolate lasagna as a closer. But the last bite would be steak.

    9. On that note, my life is a carefully balanced tightrope act of proper digestion.

    10. I am a consumate, passionate list maker.

    11. I am happiest when strategizing and planning things, and most nights use this as a tactic to fall asleep.

    12. I still play dress-up.

    13. I am very compassionate, but often don't know how to react to drama around me, so I sorta shut down, and while it may seem that I am insensitive when that happens, it's just me trying not to make the situation worse by saying the wrong thing or doing something to make people feel uncomfortable.

    14. My daily commute has become a treasured time to me. I do my best thinking as I'm passing slow-ass tourists on their way back from the space center.

    15. I worry about what I'll do when the ideas in my head dry up and they're aren't any left.

    16. Sometimes in the morning, the clouds that hang onto the coastline during the sunrise trick me into thinking that they are mountains, which makes me almost weep with homesickness.

    17. I can sing. Quite well. I can also play the piano, the cello and the violin. Less well.

    18. I wish I had learned to flirt about 15 years earlier than I did.

    19. I love the smell of the inside center of a book. Old or new, it's intoxicating to me. And I can usually tell what magazine I'm holding just by how the combination of paper and ink smells.

    20. I find the human race and how we react (and reacted) to our lives endlessly fascinating.

    21. I'd be happy to celebrate something everyday. Especially if there is champagne involved. Or bourbon.

    22. As much as I should probably start spending more money on my clothes and grooming (because it DOES make a difference, especially when you're female and in the industry I work in) I still have a hard time spending more than $20 on any one thing. But I work those $20 things, baby.

    23. I truly feel that if I should magically end up going back in time (post Iron Age), I could handle it and not be dead within 2 days.

    24. I often wonder if I will ever let myself have children, biological or adopted.

    25. My favorite words include but are not limited to: hubris, mileau, accoutrement, panache, harbinger, halcyon, plethora, hullabaloo, kismet, zeitgeist, daffodil, and mellifluous.

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    Jen_Jake'smom said...

    I loved reading this. I totally blew off about a half hour of work to catch myself up on your blog through Google Reader (finally). I'm so happy that you are doing something you love and feeling comfortable in your own skin. Hooray!

    anyhoo . . . good to catch up. ttyl.


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