recent observations


    1.  I had a waffle from First Watch.  More importantly, I had a TAKE-OUT waffle from First Watch.  Dammit they are so good. 

    2.  I slept in until like 10:30.  Glorious sleep...

    3.  I made and added a big sky starlet tumblr widget to the old bloggy-blog.  Widgetbox is a great little set-up and super to use.   I only wish I could wax the rounded corners...

    4.  I got to hang out with the Winner this afternoon which hasn't happened in like 2 weeks.  We made tomato soup, grilled cheese and caught up on some tv.  Sidenote: what the hell has happened to Gossip Girl anyway?  I miss the first's all a bit heavy now.

    5.  Talked to Mi Madre completely out of the blue this morning.  She called and all three of us happened to be home, sitting in the living room, which is a rare occurance round these parts.

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