recent observations


    In no particular order:


    The Internet.  (I'm only kidding a little here.)

    The Selby  because I love seeing how people truly live, without a stylist.

    Desire to Inspire  because having it all in one place is fantastic, and this page is truly inspiring.

    Fashion Individualists.  JaneKarlaScottPeople living in Japan. Denizens of FashionLand

    Our bedroom.  And not for the reason you may think, you filthy things.  Once I got the magazine archives fixed and cleaned up, and added some nice lighting, you acutally want to spend time in there, and now we do.  It's nice to use the entire apartment.

    Louise Nevelson.  The exhibit at CFAM jumpstarted a new personal style direction for me. It just flipped a switch for me, and all of a sudden, everything I was drawn to started to make sense.  I just wanted to sit in that gallery for a week, surrounded by her giant, anthracite colored pieces.

    Tumblr.  OMG Tumblr, I love you.  It is just so easy to keep it all in one place.  I only wish I could figure out how to use it on my phone.

    Twitter.  Cause sometimes life is too random to blog.  And I can do it from the phone.

    Red hair.  Being a redhead is fun, but a lot more work.

    Going to the theater to see a movie.  I never really want to go, but I always enjoy myself once I get there.  I love the sound of the projector, and always look up to see the dust in the light during the movie.  It's the little things.

    That I can cook during the week.  Thanks to fresh pasta, pre-cut veg, Archer Farms meals in a box, frozen skillet meals, and 10 minute fresh baked baguettes.  With a salad.

    That an iPhone really does live up to the hype.  Ah.  May.  Zing.

    And finally, a rhythm.  Life finally started to gel a bit this year.


    Jen_Jake'smom said...

    what's your Twitter tag? mine's strangejen. I just joined the other day . . . fun stuff. :)

    Lindsay and I are discussing a someday trip to see you and hit DisneyWorld. LOL. you never know, it could happen.

    Mel said...

    Ooh. Good call on the visiting thing. We are Disney experts, so if you're ever in the area...

    And when in doubt, I'm bigskystarlet on just about every page on the interwebs.

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