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    So I've been ready to post this for like 3 weeks. No really, I'm not joshin' ya. But it's taken me that long to be able to access the stupid-ass web server.

    But it works now! So yay!

    Anyhoo. Click on the little to get the big.

    Top, L to R: Ruched Shift Dress at - you go on with your bad self Mr. Robinson...nicely done; Briar Chair in Red at - TOTALLY digging the modern/traditional american style right now, a little shaker, a little colonial, a lot fabulous; utensil trio necklaces by Emily Elizabeth jewelry at - this tiny silverwear is SO CUTE!
    Row 2, L to R: artecnica tatu coffee table at - great color and love the wire which makes the form visually lighter, so nice; Paul McCobb cabinet at - I should NEVER have let myself log into this many amazing things, love the legs and the two-toning on this cabinet; Charmor side plate at IKEA - this is vaguely reminiscent of paper plates to me, I just love it...
    Row 3, L to R: Adina gold ring at - I'm drawn to the unevenness of the circular shape, so simple and elegant; Axel stool at - they're killing it for me right now (or as they say in the 'Zoe Camp'..."Shutting it down") I seriously want just about everything currently on the site; teakwood wall mirror at - by obesession with wood is a bit cliched, I know, but I'll love wood and woodgrain until the end of time, no matter if it's jumped the shark or not...
    Row 4, L to R: Franco Sarto 'Bundt' leather riding boot in black at - NEED THESE IMMEDIATELY; Devi Kroell crystal wooden clutch at - ridiculous, insane, amazing; Lagra spotlight at IKEA - just about the best looking clip lamp I've seen, and it's only 3 bucks so win-win
    Row 5, L to R: Chiroptera booties at - these are weird...just, weird, but I need them on my feet post haste; sommelier wine glasses by maxim velokovsky at - great little site, these glasses make me chuckle; abby computer metallic leather computer sleeve by lauren merken - there are NO cute computer bags / sleeves out there, I finally just went all craft-store on the cheap, ugly one I bought at Target but this one doesn't need anything at all
    Row 6, L to R: faceted table lamp at west elm - OB to the SESSED with faceted forms right now - to DIE; vallie red patent flats by Mossimo at Target - Zippers = yum; Alwar pillows by John Robshaw - just great color combos, and the simple geometries appeal to me

    Enjoy. Two years from now, when I'm bored and looking back at old posts, I certainly will.

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