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    Life has been flying by, as life in September is wont to do.  Except this year it has been even crazier, but it's been better handled, so not so bad.  Work is going well, but we don't talk about that here, do we?

    Things I've wanted to post been stacking up, and yet, I still don't ever post.  WTF?

    I saw a sticker on a the back window of a car that said "I 'heart' Your Mom".  It looked like they had made it themselves, which made my heart sing a little bit.

    Fringe...very good.  Suprisingly good TV all around lately.  And yet, no fashion shows...which makes me very sad.  Bite me, DISH.

    Did some fall cleaning around the house yesterday:  finished some tiny canvases that I've had since December (no shit) and got some of B's photos out here in the real world.  I love 'em, and no longer have to go into his bathroom to view them. Moved some of the other artwork around, too, and finally cracked the box on the gift of light from my Mom.  Red, modern, dimmable light.  I want to eat it it's so beautiful... 

    OMFG the humidity is OUT OF CONTROL.   

    And that is all. For now.

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