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    I've been TOTALLY digging this preppy, menswear thing. It's most likely becuase I've been reading the Sartorialist on a daily basis, but I just think it looks really fresh right now. Good for pre-fall: still light and summery, but with a bit of autumn in it. Feels a bit city to me, too. As ever, click on the image and get a bigger one..

    Top, L to R: Caribe Fedora hat from Forever 21 - I've always loved hats, and have a good shaped face for might be time to start wearing them again; Handy Pad by Bob's Your Uncle at - a GREAT way to remember my lunch for work when I'm delirious at 5am; red leather magazine rack from Crate and Barrel - I HATE when the magazines bow, and this seems like it would keep them clean, although I'd need like 7 of these to keep up with the monthly magazines in this house...
    Row 2, L to R: leather boyfriend watch from Urban Outfitters - simple and classic; plaid dress by Thakoon at Kirna - GENIOUS pattern placement, hides the hips and makes the breasteses look fuller; Bronze Beauty nail polish by Cover Girl - ADORE the metallic, and looks great on my toes
    Row 3, L to R: Shell Ring Figaro Braided Necklace by Subversive for Target - this FINALLY went on clearence and I got to snap it up, it lays just perfectly; Wayfarers by Ray-Ban - I can't wear aviators, and these just look fresh; Cosette bone multi heel by Gabriella Rocha at - totally adorable, right?
    Row 4, L to R: Louis Vuitton logo clutch - OMG MULTI MATERIAL LETTERS ON GREY LEATHER I'M SOOO IN LUST FOR THIS; women's patent leather flat at Old Navy - I've wanted a pair of yellow shoes for awhile now, and this is the first pair I've seen without a damn peep-toe, which I can't wear at work; feather earrings at - I'm starting to get back into long earrings since my hair is shorter, these are so beautiful
    Row 5, L to R: Pomegranates - I'm going though a major craving phase but let me give you a tip: the Orbitz pomegranate gum is foul, please avoid; branch mirror at West Elm - they've really stepped it up with this last catalog, and I love the found material feel of this; ombre three-strand necklace at Banana Republic - going though a huge ombre thing right now, tone-on-tone rules
    Row 6, L to R: Mossimo Black Smocked Cap-Sleeve Dress from Target - also know as "THE CUTEST DRESS ON THE PLANET" especially when paired with a wide black belt and my favorite black moroccan sandals; Telephone print from West Elm - digging the two-color print, and I do love a rotary phone; Mussels - not in season, but the freezer section does me just fine, they just taste so clean and summery

    Enjoy.  Two years from now, when I'm bored and looking back at old posts, I certainly will.


    Brian said...

    Yay! What I'm Feeling Whenevers are back. I now have hints for holidays!

    Mel said...

    You know it baby.

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