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    So yeah. It's been strange this week.

    I actually worked all of a day and a half because of Fay's shennanigans. It's weird for me because I work in one county/ region, and live in another. (Sometimes it's like being on two separate planets...) Weather is bad at work and people are freaking out, and it's a non-event at home and visa-versa.

    Work Monday like normal. Weather starting to get hairy, but no big. Next day, drive to work, work for 4 hours, evacuate. Drive home. Get up, call work...become aggrivated when I find out we actually have to go to work in the storm. Work a windy, but full, day. Get up the next day, endure the WORST morning drive ever (I was getting tossed around like a ping pong ball, and could barely see because of the mist and rain). Work 45 minutes, told to evacuate, then get back into the storm and drive home. I was so pissed. I just wanted to get a good days work in.

    It's a good thing I drive to work in the dark, because I had never seen actual flooding like I saw on the drive home on Thursday. If I had been able to see that in the morning, I would have just turned around half way there. It was bizarre, and a little scary. I'm glad I left when I did, 'cause I heard that they closed part of my daily commute route after I got home.

    So I've spent the better part of this week living my old life. Domestic goddess, movie watcher and designer of projects that never get brought to fruition. And I figured out one thing: I could never go back to being home all the time. I've been so freakin' bored I can hardly stand myself. I'm lonely. And my body is sore from being in prone position for 48hrs+. It's enlightening, and it makes me feel that all I endure for this pretty cool job, physcially and emotionally, is worth it. Because it's nice to want.

    Cause all I really want to do is go back to work and get some shit done. And that's good.

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    Brian said...

    I think I could deal with staying home and working on projects. I wish I could run off and just shoot pictures all day but without a job how could I afford my camera equipment? Its a vicious circle which reminds me that I need to buy some lottery tickets.

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