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    I'm back bitches!

    No, really.  I'm finally back.  And this has been nice, real nice. So here we go.  Click on the image and get a bigger one..

    Top, L to R: Long wrap sleeve cardigan from Banana Republic - bought this, returned it, but still lurve it;  Square Chandelier Earrings from Forever 21; Pleated Shift Dress from Forever 21 - this is straight outta the 50's and I adore it;
    Row 2, L to R: Starburst mirror from Crate & Barrel - I want this to be really huge, and I love the mix of metals; Chevron striped tank from Old Nave - I'm having a moment with chevron-ing (yes, that's totally a word); Metallic T-strap sandals - I'm loving gold right now
    Row 3, L to R: Ruffled Contrast Blouse at Forever 21 - yay ruffles!;  owl sunglasses holder from - THIS IS SO GREAT, I love the smug look on it's face; Clementine flavored Izze - soda with no fake crap in it, and Clementine is great for breakfast, no guilt involved whatsoever
    Row 4, L to R: Coffee / Teapot from Kisok - right now the store is fill with stuff from Hong Kong; Sequined Tank from Old Navy - again with the gold, and mmmm sparkles; Cotton Buttonless Cardigan from Banana Republic - didn't buy it, but love it just the same
    Row 5, L to R: Sunflowers, sunflowers, sunflowers - thank goodness for Fresh Market; black toe-loop sandals - I've just about walked through a pair of these this summer; Sofia sunglasses from Banana Republic - I just like the light colored frames and I'm looking for some new ones
    Row 6, L to R: Carston Jars from Crate and Barrel - I love the carved look and the really square shape of these; Beacon Alphabet bookmarks from - I've actually started reading again, and could use a few of these; Sophie Chiffon Top from Forever 21 - this is just such a pretty top, but not too sugary, and the neckline detailing is fantastic

    Enjoy.  Two years from now, when I'm bored and looking back at old posts, I certainly will.

    No seriously.  It's been two years since I've done one of these, and I had a blast going back to look at the old ones.


    swirlogirl said...

    you have such a good eye for style/mood boards. I want to be able to do this! Anyways, fierce as usual!

    Mel said...

    (blushing) Thanks!

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