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    So I'm going back and tagging all the old posts, and came across the one with the color quiz. And it's accurate as hell, again:

    Your Existing Situation
    Active, outgoing, and restless. Feels frustrated by the slowness with which events develop along the desired lines. This leads to irritability, changeability, and lack of persistence when pursuing a given objective.

    Your Stress Sources
    Wants freedom to follow her own convictions and principles, to achieve respect as an individual in her own right. Desires to avail herself of every possible opportunity without having to submit to limitations or restrictions.

    Your Restrained Characteristics
    Remains emotionally unattached even when involved in a close relationship.

    Feels that she is receiving less than her share and that there is no one on whom she can rely for sympathy and understanding. Pent-up emotions and a certain egocentricity make her quick to take offense, but she realizes that she has to make the best of things as they are.

    Your Desired Objective
    Unwilling to participate and wishes to avoid all forms of stimulation. Has had to put up with too much of a tiring or exhausting nature and now desires protection and noninvolvement

    Your Actual Problem
    Fears that her independence will be threatened or severely restricted unless she protects herself from outside influence. Does not want to be bothered.

    Your Actual Problem #2
    The unsatisfied desire to be respected, to stand out from amongst her friends, is causing some anxiety. As a result, normal gregariousness is suppressed and she refuses to allow herself to become involved, or to participate with others in their ordinary activities.

    Here's the original post to compare and contrast. Freakin' weird.

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    pollyhyper said...

    Wow! I'm off to take this quiz now...

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