recent observations


    1.  I spent time to myself, but felt a bit off about it?  Which is weird for me.  Usually, I'm pretty selfish about Saturdays alone, but I feel like I'm just on pause until Monday when I get back to work.  Not.  Good.  I just feel like there's something more important I should be doing?

    2.  I baked muffins for breakfast.  I like baking.  Especially when in takes exactly 3 seconds to mix milk into a premixed package.  I like muffins, too, so win-win.

    3  Since funds are slim for new clothes, I actually cleaned my closet and dressing area: put the shoes back on their rack, folded all the scarves, hung up the belts and put everything back on hangers.  It was a bit of a wreck.  Now it's like my own little boutique again, filled with things I love and can't wait to wear.
    4.  I walked through IKEA, but in the opposite direction.  When I've already read a magazine too many times, I flip through it back to front, and always notice new things.  Amazingly, it works with IKEA, too.

    5.  I ate waaaaaay too many Tiny Brownie Bites, or whatever they're called.  I shouldn't be left home alone for more than 12 hours at a time.  Certainly when there are brownie-like munchies in the house.

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